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Eating should be an enjoyable experience.  Savor the tastes and textures of your food.  Mindless eating occurs when you have distractions during meals.  So sit down with your family or your friends and turn off the television.

Melanie Boehmer has a master’s degree in Community Nutrition and an undergraduate degree in Dietetics and minors in personal training and health and wellness all from the State University College at Oneonta. She has just completed her dietetic internship and will be sitting to take her Registered Dietitians exam this June. Melanie has experience working with clients ranging from toddlers to senior citizens. Through personalized nutrition counseling and education, she can help design your nutrition plan to maximize your results no matter what your goal is in fitness and health. Whether you have a specific need in your diet, want to lose weight or learn how to maximize your energy on an endurance race, she will help you get there. Melanie can be contacted for an appointment at Evolution Fitness 631-488-4252.


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